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DLT® Technology

DLT Technology is one of the most successful technology platforms ever built. With over 2 million drives and over 100 million media cartridges shipped to date, DLT drives are recognized worldwide as the industry standard, deployed by 98% of FORTUNE 500® businesses, assuring reliable, high-performance tape storage solutions and long-term investment protection.

With two powerful product lines to choose from, DLT Technology can deliver the performance you require. Whether you choose the Performance Series for exceptional capacity, performance and reliability. Or opt for the Value Series when you’re looking for that special grade of capacity and cost-effectiveness. DLT Technology has a solution that’s right for you!

Performance Series Value Series
SDLT 600 SDLT 320 SDLT 220 DLT VS160 DLT VS80
Capacity (GB Native) 300 160 110 80 40
Transfer rate (MB/s) 36 16 11 8 3
Interface LVD ULTRA, 160 SCSI, 2 GB Fibre Channel SCSI (LVD/HVD) SCSI (LVD)
Form factor 5 1/4" Full height 5 1/4" Half-height
Backread SDLT 320, DLT VS160 SDLT 220, DLT 8000, DLT 7000, DLT 4000, DLT1, DLT VS80 DLT 8000, DLT 7000, DLT 4000, DLT1, DLT VS80 DLT1, DLT VS80 DLT 4000
Power Consumption 32W 27W 28W <14W <16W
MTBF @ 100% Duty Cycle (KHrs) 250 250 200
Warranty 3 year 3 year
Tape Guidance Pivoting Optical Servo Roller
Head Magneto Resistive Cluster heads Magneto Resistive
Media eMP60 AMP++ AMP++ AMP++ MP++
Super DLTtape II Super DLTtape I Super DLTtape I DLTtape VS1 DLTtape IV
Encoding PRML PRML RLL 1,7
Media durability 1 million passes 1 million passes
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